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  • How long does it take on average to develop a sample?

    Generally, free samples for disposable ,consumable items will get delivered within one week after confirmation

  • Is there any charge needed in case asking for sample?

    All disposable consumable agreed samples itself free charge.

    For new customers ,shipping cost is at your side in case you don't have your own Express Account. We will credit the shipping cost to you in your next order no less than USD1000.00

    For long-term partners , both sample itself and shipping are free

  • What is the payment terms?

    Normally, we accept 30% deposit and the balance paid before shipping when total amount more than USD10,000.00
    Also we accept Western Union, Paypal payment with paypal commission at your side

  • What is the minimum amount or quantity per order?

    We request each order total amount no less than USD1000.00

    Regarding quantity , each item depends on its package unit

  • What is the production time?

    Production times are different according to the ordering size and quantity

    Take dental burs as an example , after we received down payment

    • it will take 3 weeks with quantity less than 50K pcs
    • it will take 5 weeks with quantity less than 150K pcs
    • it will take 8 weeks with quantity less than 300Kpcs

    For any private label first order, it takes 2 weeks extra than regular order

  • Do you accept to consolidate shipment with other suppliers?

    Yes, we frequently do this for our partners to organize or consolidate shipment from different factories or suppliers

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