• We Smedent provide OEM service for all customers with reasonable quantity. We provide our diamond burs, carbide burs different package like plastic box, blister, metal bur holder, single package for your choice.

  • We are able to produce any dental burs according to ISO Number or you provide a few pieces real live dental burs samples.

  • Also we can produce special types item which is related carbide rotary instruments like we successfully produce very long surgical burs for brain and bone for our clients.

  • And we even OEM implant Titanium anchor, implant surgical burs etc.

Service Process:

  • Receive Require >>> Send Formal Quotation >>> Free Samples For Confirmation >>> Waiting For PO >>> Provide PI For Confirmation >>> >>> Waiting For Deposit >>> Start Production >>> Send Photos Of Production And Packaging >>> Waiting for Balance Payment >>> >>> Book Shipment >>> Delivery The Order >>> Send Original Shipping Documents

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