Diamond Burs Cavity Set 18PCS
Shanghai Smedent Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd is one of the toppest Dental Burs,Dental Bur,Dental Burs Set in China.During these years of exporting , Shanghai Smedent Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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  • Diamond Burs Set Cavity Set
Cavity Set
Europe Code 801/012 801/010C 801/018 802/018 805/012 806/012 806/018 830R/010 830RL/014
Asia Code BR-46 BR-45C BR-31 BC-31 SI-46 DI-42 DI-43 EX-41 EX-31
Europe Code 882/012C 835/008 835/010C 835/012C6/012 836/012C 845/012 845/014C 855S/010 861/014C
Asia Code SR-42C SF-40 SF-41C SF-42C SF-20C TF-42 TF-43C TR-41 TR-20C
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