511106 Dental Alloy Nickel Based
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  • 1.Product Application Range: Suit dental department of hospital for casting crowns, bridges and combination.

  • 2.Technology Parameter and Performance

  • A. Physical and Chemistry Performance:

  • a. Ductile yield>=3%

  • b. Coefficient of expansion: 13.9*10-6/C (20-500C)

  • c. Density: 8.0 g/cm3

  • d. Break off/ craze original intension>=25 Mpa

  • e. Tensile strength:>= 250 N/mm2

  • f. Alloy liquids or solidus curve temperature:1160~1280C

  • g. Alloy composition(%) Nickel 75~80; Chrome:11.5~14.5; Molybdenum: 4.5~6.5; Aluminium <1.5~3.5; Others 2.5~4.5

  • B. The alloy model is rotundity and hexagon.

  • C. Biologic performance

  • This alloy pass tests like toxicity test, Cell Toxicity, Hypersusceptibility testing, Nonnasality catarrh and Ames testing.


  • 1kg/pack,25kgs/case

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