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Dental Equipments & Accessories   -->  Autoclave and Accessories
Name:   Autoclave 23L B+
Item No.:  103125


103125  23L B+

103124  18L B+

Our new generation B+ Autoclave comes with excellent  performance, reliability,safety and especially designed to meet the EN 13060 European standards,demonstrates our real commitment with the global health and the safety of all patients undergoing medical or dentalpractices.

Intelligent program supported on a powerful processor capable to control and inspect at any time the proper functioning of the sterilizer and ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization cycle.

Enable to detect and identify the exact cause of any problem, alert on it and showing a specific error code.
Ability to schedule and customize cycle times  to suit your own needs.

Always ready to test its effectiveness and functioning.With B&D, Helix and Vacuum test program you can check its correct operation, allowing you to be calm with the safety of your patients because all the instruments are put under the best process of sterilization.

Permanent control of the water levels.Automatic monitoring of water levels that guarantee total independence and autonomy ensure that when you start the cycle there is enough water in the storage tank.Water tank is easily accessible. The review and maintenance of water tank is very simple with the new series.


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